Monday, 30 October 2017

Brain of Mensa 2017

Well, my reign as Brain of Mensa champion was always going to come to an end sooner rather than later, and so it did yesterday in the Grand Final in Birmingham. To be honest, I can’t say it was unexpected. People who know me well enough know that I don’t really have a modest bone in my body, and so when I said that I won last year because the questions really fell right for me, well, I wasn’t lying, and lightning rarely strikes twice in the same place. After a bright start I fell away, while Les Hurst, who had already been champion three times before, put on a bravura display of frankly brilliant quizzing. Once he got into his stride there was only one person in it, and I take my hat off to him for the display he produced. 

Well, I never enter a quiz without trying to win, and I was trying to win yesterday, even though it didn’t work out. Still, coming second did bring its own consolation in the shape of a second place and silver medal. This means I now have a full set of gold – 2016 – silver -2017 and bronze – 2014. I wasn’t together enough to apply and play in 2015. As things stand, though, I’m looking forward to applying again and playing in 2018.

The three medals - 2016 gold, 2017 silver, 2014 bronze


Ian F said...

Well done getting to the final again. I was bumped out in the semi-final by the GK Juggernaut that is Les Hurst. His knowledge is clearly wide-ranging, but has real depth as well. It's a pity he's not interested in media shows and GP quizzes, I'm sure he'd be a top player.

dxdtdemon said...

That's really awesome. Between those, your glass bowl, and all the prizes you've won from pub quizzes throughout the years, you've had a really successful quizzing career.

Londinius said...

Thanks guys. If you're not prepared to lose, you don't deserve to win, and you should always be prepared to give credit where it was due. Les - as he has been for 4 out of the 5 times we have played - was far too good and far too strong. Respect for that.