Saturday, 17 December 2016

Brian Jones

My friend Brian Jones passed away on Tuesday morning. I'm not going to write a long eulogy here, for his wife, Gail,who is also a member of our team in the Bridgend quiz league has been very clear that neither she nor Brian ever held with doom and gloom, and long, mournful obsequies, and that's fair enough. Brian's funeral is on Wednesday and we've all been asked to wear bright colours - Aberavon rugby club colours if possible. But I wouldn't feel right if I didn't state for the record here and now that Brian was a great quiz man, and more than that, simply the best pub quiz question master I ever met. I didn't know until last Thursday night that Brian and Gail first met at the rugby club Thursday night quiz, but I do know that the club owes him a huge debt of gratitude for keeping it going - and keeping it going so well - for so long. Rest in peace.

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