Saturday, 8 August 2015

In the News

In the news

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

Ji So Yun
Tony Hayes
Adam Peaty
John Leslie ‘Les’ Munro
Lynn Anderson
James Guy
Myra Forde
Robert Conquest
Gary Hunt
Abdul Rahman Haroun
Stu Henshall
Astra Giurgiu
Kairat Almaty

In Other News

In which country was Naomi Campbell convicted and given a suspended sentence for assaulting a photographer?
Which high profile lawyer was fighting against the death penalty passed on Saif Gaddafi?
Which Oscar winner revealed that she was bullied at school – which her school denied?
In which country did Cilla Black pass away?
The Duchess of Cambridge has gained her advanced certificate in which leisure activity?
What was the score in the Community Shield?
Which colour medal did Tom Daley win in the world diving championships?
Which phrase did Gwyneth Paltrow blame on her publicist?
Which is the world’s most googled museum?
Which former PM was the subject of child sex allegations?
President Obama made a keynote speech promising to clean up the USA’s act on what?
Who cut short his visit to the French Riviera?
Which 4 police forces are investigating sex abuse claims against Sir Edward Heath?
IN which city did the UK’s first Pot Noddle vending machine open?
Which momentous announcement was made by the muppets last week?
Which US rapper is currently in court facing bankruptcy proceedings?
According to Forbes magazine who is the world’s highest paid actor?
In which events did swimmer Adam Peaty win his 2nd and 3rd golds in the world swimming championships?
What was opened in Egypt this week?
Whose portrayal of Hamlet on stage has been lambasted by reviews of the previews before it has opened?
What was Australia’s first innings score in the 4th test in Trent Bridge?
Which Jeremy Hunt scheme was dismissed as a gimmick?
Which company were the first to suspend betting on bake off?

The London Marathon announced they will begin to do what? 

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