Monday, 21 September 2009

September Quiz

1) Who is Michael Shields, who was in the news last week ?

2) Which murderous regime began their reign of terror with what they called year Zero in 1975 ?

3) The New York Borough of Queens contains two Airports. Name them.

4) What was the christian name of the artist sister of Augustus John ?

5) Joy Adamson's first book about Elsa the lion was called "Born Free " and the second "Living Free. " What was her third one called ?

6) The bark of which tree is used to obtain quinine ?

7) Where in your body would you find the malleus and the incus ?

8) Which Ira Gershwin song starts with these lyrics - The Way you wear your hat - the way you sip your tea. The memory of all that - "

9) Which actress played Sabrina Duncan in the original line up of Charlie's Angels ?

10) Which sporting first was achieved by Susan Brown in 1981 ?

11) Name the South African 800m world champion whose gender is apparently still a matter of debate

12) Did Queen Victoria have more sons, more daughters, or the same number of each ?

13) Name the straits seperating Corsica and Sardinia ?

14) How many strings are there on a balalaika ?

15) What type of food is dunlop ?

16) The use of which substance in hat - making in the 18th and 19th centuries is believed to have led to the phrase - as mad as a hatter "

17) What common name is given to the excresence caused by the grubs of the gall wasp, which lays its eggs in oak trees ?

18) Senator Edward Kennedy died a few weeks ago. Edward Kennedy were the first two names of which celebrated american musician and band leader ?

19) Which veteran british film and stage actor, star of two early Carry On films, actually played the role of a hat in the first two Harry Potter films ?

20) Since 1980, the oldest man to win a golf major was Jack Nicklaus, who was 46 years old when he won the 1986 US Masters. If Tom Watson had won the play off in this year's Open, he would have become the oldest by how many years ?

21) A Malaysian restaurant finally lost its legal dispute with McDonalds last week. What was it called - McDonalds - McSatay - McRonalds - McCurry ?

22) What was Rasputin's christian name ?

23) Hissarlik in Turkey is believed to be the site of which ancient city ?

24) In literature, what links Pantagruel - Despair - Comorant - Paul Bunyan and the BFG

25) The Bible - which surprisingly british name belonged to King herod's first wife -
Doris - Gladys - Cissy - Ada - Ruby

26) In the northern hemisphere, apart from the Sun, which is the brightest star in the sky - please note this does not include Venus which is a planet not a star .

27) What is the symbol of the National Trust ?

28) Stadler and Waldorf were the two old hecklers in the Muppet Show. But which of the other muppets did they spend most of their time heckling ?

29) After Take That reformed in 2006, which song provided their first number 1 single ?

30) Name the player who knocked Andy Murray out of this year's US Open ?

31) Last week, Derren brown successfully predicted the midweek lottery numbers. What were - a) the lowest number of the six, and b) the highest number of the 6.

32) The United Nations. In a list of nationalities of Secretary Generals - which two nationalities are missing - Norwegian - Swedish - Burmese - Austrian - Ghanaian - South Korean

33) Which isolated island in the pacific is also known as Rapa Nui ?

34) Gustav Holst's Egdon Heath was inspired by the work of which 19th century novelist ?

35) In English law, if all 12 jurors are present, what is the minimum number that must agree to reach a majority verdict ?

36) Which 2 word phrase is used to describe the shape of the DNA molecule ?

37) What sort of creature is a fer - de - lance ?

38) Who had her first big TV break playing Violet Elizabeth Bott in the 1970s version of Just William ?

39) In the film "Finding Nemo" what species of fish is Nemo ?

40) Who was the first ever spin bowler in cricket to take 300 test wickets ?

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