Saturday, 22 August 2009

Are You An Egghead 2 ? - A local quiz in Catral

Buenos dias senores ! Or to put it another way, good day to one and all from sunny Spain. Yes, LAM will shortly be resuming normal service, but this is just a little taster to get you in the mood.

You may remember some months ago that I mentioned that Are You An Egghead would be returning for a second season of its quest to find another quizzer worthy of joining the select and august band that makes up the Eggheads. Well this series was filmed some time ago, and was originally scheduled to be shown starting towards the end of August - the 24th to be exact. However I am afraid that it has been put back to the beginning of October now.


I did make an appeal for anyone who knew of a local quiz in the Alicante area to drop me a line. I can't say I'm surprised that nobody did. However through some diligent detective work we found one last Tuesday in a town called Catral. Of course it was in a British bar - I'm afraid that my Spanish is certainly not at competition standard as yet.

The whole pub quiz scene is a little complicated here, if I have understood it correctly. When we came here in early 2007 we went to a couple of quizzes, and won , frankly, some quite nice cash prizes. Since those heady days, however, it appears that the Spanish authorities have decided that a quiz with a cash prize is a form of gambling. So the british bars locally doing pub quizzes seem most of them to have stopped.

Anyway lets talk about the quiz itself. 40 questions, 10 of which were to put names to faces in a picture round, five of which were to identify song and artist from intros, 20 of which were general kinowledge, and 5 of which were - AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!! Family Fortunes type questions. Thank God there were only 5 of those !

No, before you ask, we didn't win, coming second for our pains. The person who insisted when we heard the question
Name a famous Peter
that we put down Blue Peter rather than the top answer Peter Pan shall be nameless.

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