Saturday, 30 May 2009

Just To Prove

That I'm not a totally quiz obssessed person, I wanted to prove to you that I do occasionally truant from quiz compiling. Today I was supposed to be compiling this Thursday night's quiz for the rugby club. However the weather was so beautiful outside that it needed very little coercion for me to pile Mary and a couple of the girls in the car, and head off down to Mumbles.

That's Mumbles Pier in the picture. Just out of interest, Mumbles Pier is one of only a very few Victorian piers left in Wales, and probably less well known than the others.

Of course, you never totally lave the quiz behind. I looked at the information at the entrance to the pier, and it gave the year that the pier was built, and the original purpose it was built for. No prizes for guessing that one of these pieces of information is going to be twisted into a question for Thursday night's quiz , then.

I have to put my hands up and admit that I know one of the other quiz master often tailors one or two question to fit whatever he has been doing suring the week or two leading up to his quiz. Last year, he asked
"IN which Spanish city . . . " and we didn't know the answer. However we did know that he'd recently come back from two weeks in Seville. So that's what we put down, and that was the correct answer. Its another example of playing the man and not the ball, to use footballing terminology.

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