Wednesday, 31 December 2008

My Quiz Resolutions

My Quizzing Resolutions

Yes, its New Years Eve. I don't often make New Year's Resolutions. Fact is, I think that if you're going to stick at something, you're better off just getting on with it, and starting symbolically on New Year's Day won't make that much difference. In fact, I would go so far as to say that I can't remember making a New Year's Resolution that I've ever managed to keep until my birthday, which is in the middle of June.

So my quizzing resolutions take the form of what I'd like to stick to in a perfect world, and no one, least of all me, should be too surprised if I fail to stick to them. So, having set myself up to fail, here we go.

* I resolve to try to be more patient with Little Dennis when he doesn't hear the answers I give him to the questions in the quiz in the Rugby Club. Its not his fault he's deaf. Its our fault for letting him be scribe.

* I resolve to try to not greet every announcement of the handicaps in the Newport Quiz with the words "For Christ's Sake !"

* I resolve to try to stop giving guest question masters a hard time in the rugby club. Even when they are totally incompetent.

* I resolve to try to stop telling two teams off for using their wap phones to find answers whenever I'm the question master in the rugby club. They never win anyway.

* I resolve to stop slagging off Redtooth Quizzes. Just so long as I don't have to play in them any more.

* I resolve to stop saying that other teams must have cheated when they beat us. Even when they obviously have.

* I resolve to try to stop whinging about the fact that my school's Governing Body and the Local Education Authority couldn't be bothered to even send me a letter of congratulation over winning Mastermind.

* I resolve to take responsibility for applying to get on another show, and not wait for one of my mates to try to put a team in.

I'll let you know how well I manage to maintain my resolutions. Happy New Year to you all.

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