Friday, 7 November 2008

TV Watch Part 1 - Mastermind

TV Watch

Mastermind - Episode 10

Another week, and another all male heat. It seems like the BBCs plea for female contenders to come forward for auditions must have fallen on a lot of deaf ears. Out of the 40 contenders we've seen face the black chair so far this year, a grand total of 8 of them have been women. Mind you, three of these all won their heats and gained a place in the semi finals. Oh well, back to this week's show. All 4 contenders were Mastermind virgins, and none of them managed to gain a winning advantage in the first round. Mick Schnackenberg, Mark Hannon and Thomas Armer all tied on 13, with Mark Samuelson a little way behind on 10. In the end Thomas Armer edged his way home with a good General Knowledge round of 13. These weren't all easy questions, and with a couple more points on his specialist he just might be worth an each way bet to reach the final. Please spare a thought for Mark Hannon. His score of 25 and 2 passes would have won 4 of the 10 heats that have been transmitted so far.

The Details
Mick Schnackenberg The Victoria Cross13 - 2 passes GK - 6 - 3 passes Total 19 - 5 passes
Mark Hannon Life and Career of Bobby Fischer 13 - 0 passesGK - 12 - 2 passes Total 25 - 2 passes
Thomas Armer Le Mans 24 hour race 13 - 0 passes GK - 13 - 0 passes Total 26 - 0
Mark Samuelson the seaman Thomas Cochrane 10 - 3 passes GK - 7 -3 Total 17 - 6 passes

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