Saturday, 27 September 2008

Winning Streak

Enjoy the wins - because a winning streak doesn't last forever

The winning streak has continued throughout the week. On Sunday night John and I won every General Knowledge round at The Pheasant in Penyfai. The way it works in the Pheasant is that there are three prizes for each of 4 rounds. We sat out the Music Round, and then won the others.

Monday night meant Pill Harriers in Newport. The talented Mr. Sheldrick was not available, so Barry , Alan and I teamed up with Gordon and Liz ( who both took part in TVs Battle of the Brains ). Even though Richie Parnell, possibly the finest quizzer in South Wales, was playing for one of the other teams, everyone else was given a head start, apart from us. We ended up beating Richie by a couple of points. Probably the most satisfying win of the week, as well as being the only financially rewarding one.

Thursday night meant the Aberavon Rugby club, after an argument with my wife. You see the thing is that just down the road from us a local pub does a Thursday night quiz with a jackpot. I have never been to it, but they do say that its not much to write home about. The thing is the jackpot, which rolls over if its not won, is now up to about £300. Mary thinks that I should be using my skills and knowledge to have a pop at it.

I know where he is coming from, but I am not going to go on my own to a quiz I have never been before and probably won't enjoy. If my son Michael is available next Thursday, and if the jackpot is still there, then maybe I'll give it a shot.

Still, on Thursday night the opposition in the rugby club was thin on the ground. It was a shame since Brian produced a corker of a quiz. Sometimes he puts in some stuff which makes you scratch your head, and ask - 1) Who would ever know the answer to that ? and 2) Why the hell would anyone ever want to know the answer to that ? But he was back on form on Thursday, with a quiz like he used to do all the time.

Unfortunately the only teams there on Thursday were Anne, Dennis and me, the Boyks, and the three teams who nearly always come last, second to last, and third from last. As a result we either won every round outright or jointly with one other team. We won by 18 points. When you think there are 8 rounds usually worth 10 points each, you realise thats a thrashing. Answer of the night ? Well - we were asked this question : -

Question: In which welsh town can you find a statue of Lewis Carroll's White Rabbit ?

We didn't have a clue, so we plucked Llandudno out of thin air. Correct ! Sometimes it just works like that.

Anyway, I'm making the most of it. What you have to remember when you're on a good run is that each quiz you win takes you one step closer to the next quiz that you lose.

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