Monday, 4 May 2015

In The News

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

Hudsonian Godwit
Tigist Tufa and Eliud Kipchoge
Len Blavatnik
Surrey Storm
Loretta Lynch
Claude Littner
Jim Wells
Protein World
James Holmes
Curtis Elton
Helena Lucas
Clandon House
Stuart Bingham
Freddie Gray
Jean Ndietch
Rod Weston
Ben E. King

In Other News

What has been banned for Wimbledon ?
What was the score between Arsenal and Chelsea?
For what specifically was Ronnie O’Sullivan warned during his match against Matthew Stevens?
What was the score between Everton and Man Utd.?
Which became the first Championship team promoted as by right to the Premier League?
Who is the PFA Player of the Year?
Who criticized fellow authors Michael Ondaatje and Pete Carey’s opposition to Charlie Hebdo receiving a PEN award?
Who won the FA Youth Cup?
Who is the PFA Young Player of the year?
Which bank announced it is opening 100 branches on Bank Holiday?
Which team won the Championship?
What was announced by Sandi Toksvig?
Which British entertainer and ventriloquist passed away?
Which US city was riven by rioting?
Which was pronounced the best font to use for writing a CV?
Which were the first two teams relegated from the Championship?
Who were awarded £357,000 from the Portuguese Police in damages for libel?
What was the score between Hull and Liverpool?
How much money is in this year’s Wimbledon Prize Pot?
Who gave himself an umlaut and a hyphen?
Which party leader met Russell Brand online?
Where will the HQ of the square kilometer array – the world’s largest radio telescope – be?
What was the score between Chelsea and Leicester?
Where will December’s BBC Sports Personality of the Year be hosted?
In which country did the king controversially alter the line of succession last week?
Which country banned unofficial weather forecasts last year?
Who are the new sponsors of the FA Cup?
A Chinese skyscraper of 57 storeys was built in how many days?
Which anniversary did the penny black and the tuppenny blue celebrate last week?

Which two players contested the world snooker final?

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