Saturday, 6 July 2013

Answers to News Questions

In the News

Who Or What Are the Following and why have they been in the news?

1. Trenton Oldfield
2. Walle
3. Andrea Begley
4. Kaesong
5. Jeffrey Osborne
6. Lin Harmer
7. Zaid Al Hilli
8. Nik Wallenda
9. Mickey Arthur
10. Steve Darcis
11. Digby Ioane
12. Mick Aston
13. Wendy Williams
14. Maria Kirilenko
15. Aaron Hernandez
16. Caroline Lucas
17. Lord Drayson
18. Cambodian Tailor Bird
19. Sergiy Stakhovsky
20. Ernest Gulbis
21. Iain Lawrence
22. Adam Brown
23. Dark Seoul
24. Get Lucky
25. Wendy Davis
26. Scott Horwill
27. White Throated Needletail
28. Kimiko Date Krumm
29. George Stark
30. Chip Starnes

In Other News

1. Which team won cricket’s Champions Trophy?
2. Which English city began an experiment with ‘car-free Sundays’?
3. Which US cakes made a comeback last week?
4. Where did the Archbishop of Canterbury visit last week?
5. A homemade explosive device was found in a mosque in which midlands town?
6. How did Gus Poyet find out he’d been sacked by Brighton and Hove Albion last week?
7. What was the score in the Under 20 Rugby Union World Final?
8. In which position did Team GB finish in the European team Athletics championships?
9. Who won the title in the British professional cycle road racing championship?
10. For how many years was Silvio Berlusconi sentenced for underage sex and misusing his position to cover it up?
11. Which batsman was dropped from England’s Ashes squad?
12. Name the Irish lock injured and out of the 2nd and 3rd Lions tests
13. Who is the new coach of the Australian cricket team?
14. Who is the new head coach of European Champions Bayern Munich?
15. Which Middle Eastern ruler abdicated in favour of his son?
16. In which airport was Edward Snowden reported last week?
17. Which part of the UK was visited by the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall?
18. Carlo Ancelotti is the new manager of which club?
19. What was the score in the tour match between the Lions and Melbourne Rebels?
20. Which 38 year old admitted he had just read his first book?
21. Which figure will be replacing Charles Darwin on the new £10 note?
22. Julia Gillard was replaced laast week by the man she ousted herself three years ago. Who is he?
23. To what did the Supreme Court of the USA give recognition last week?
24. Which player claimed that he has joined Real Madrid last week?
25. Which MP claimed that she will not claim parliamentary expenses?
26. Who announced his retirement from Formula One from the end of the season?
27. What was the result of Ian Brady’s appeal?
28. Which famous painting was defaced last week, allegedly by a member of Fathers 4 Justice?
29. Which company have been forced to remove the WHO logo from their adverts for baby milk?
30. For which event will it be necessary to obtain a bagpipe permit, in order to play the aforesaid instrument?
31. Which country is beginning negotiations to join the EU?


1. 2012 Boat Race protestor asked to leave the country
2. The world’s Ugliest Dog
3. Winner of The Voice
4. New World Heritage site in North Korea
5. Soul singer Obama confused with George Osborne
6. Head of HMRC denied any wrongdoing to Public Accounts COmmittee
7. Brother of Alps murder victim, arrested on suspicion of the murder
8. Did tightrope walk across Niagara Falls
9. Asutralian cricket coach sacked on eve of the Ashes
10. Knocked out Nadal in round 1 of Wimbledon
11. Australian out of 2nd and 3rd Lions tests after a warrant was issued for his arrest
12. Professor, regular on Time Team – passed away
13. Senior RAF nurse won sexism case against MOD
14. Wimbledon 10th seed defeated by Laura Robson
15. Professional Gridiron player accused of murder
16. Wore a No More Page 3 T Shirt to a Commons committee
17. Beat the land speed record for electric cars – new record 204 mph
18. New species of bird identified
19. Knocked Federer out of Wimbledon singles in round 2 match
20. Won when Jo Wilfred Tsonga pulled out with injury
21. Convicted of murder by deliberately crashing after disabling his wife’s airbag
22. Broke Mark Foster’s British 50m freestyle swimming record
23. Group of Cyber hackers targeting South Korea
24. Daft Punk song – 1 million downloads in 69 days
25. Texas senator who made a 10 hour filibuster to stymie anti abortion bill
26. IRB asked the Australian RFU to review their decision to clear him of stamping in the first test
27. Rare bird – twitchers trekked to Island of Harris to see it – it was killed flying into a wind turbine
28. 42 year old who became the oldest woman to make the 3rd round of Wimbledon singles
29. Mail Online journalist threatened online by Alec Baldwin
30. US Executive help prisoner by employees in China, demanding a severance package

In Other News

1. India
2. Bristol
3. Hostess Twinkies
4. The Middle East
5. Walsall
6. He was taking part in a TV show when a production assistant brought him the press release from the club which announced his sacking
7. England 23- Wales 15
8. 3rd
9. Mark Cavendish
10. 7 years
11. Nick Compton
12. Paul O’Connell
13. Darren Lehman
14. Pep Guardiola
15. The Emir of Kuwait
16. Moscow
17. Northern Ireland
18. Real Madrid
19. 35 - 0
20. Jamie Oliver
21. Jane Austen
22. Kevin Rudd
23. Same Sex Marriage
24. Luis Suarez
25. Nadine Dorries
26. Mark Webber
27. He lost, and will be staying in Ashworth hospital
28. The Haywain by Constable
29. Danone
30. The England v Scotland football match at Wembley in August
31. Serbia

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