Saturday, 11 September 2010

A New University Challenge Quiz Book

If you’re a regular you’re probably aware that I’ve built up a large collection of quiz books over the last few years, and in particular a large collection of TV/radio tie in quiz books. If you haven’t already clicked away to pastures new in disgust at this admission of mine, and you’re interested in my thoughts on the various tie ins which I’ve acquired, then by all means check out the relevant page on my website, which you can find by clicking on this link : -

My Tie in Quiz Book Collection

At the risk of repeating what you can already find on the website, it all started when my wife bought me back a copy of the First TV Top of the Form quizbook from a church jumble sale, and said words to the effect of – this any good to you ? – I’ll be honest, I didn’t think it would be, but was pleasantly surprised to find quite a number of the questions were perfectly suitable for the quiz in the rugby club. When she compounded it a couple of weeks later by getting me the New Ask The Family Quizbook, the collection was underway.

Now, amongst my favourite tie-in books are three University Challenge Quiz books. All of them are excellent, and I have a particular fondness for the 1970s version , published by Arrow paperbacks, and with 4 competing Bambers on the front cover. Its surprisingly hard too. Not to take anything away from the mid 90s book, with teams from the first BBC series on the front cover, or the red one from about 2001 with JP . Both excellent and challenging books in their own right.

Well, to cut a long story slightly shorter, I found out today that another University Challenge quiz book is going to be published on October 7th. Yes, I am sad enough that I have already pre ordered a copy . If you’d like to check it out for yourself, then you can find a page for it on Amazon or any other online bookstore, I'm sure. The ISBN number is 1846078563


Andrew B. said...

In "University Challenge The First 40 Years" (which I think is the one you call "the red one"), there's an extra puzzle (on p193) consisting of 11 questions, the answers to which lead to the final solution. It says that the first people to solve it will be acknowledged on screen. I don't remember ever seeing this happen - nor can I answer all the questions!

Does anyone reading the blog know the answers, and/or remember it being mentioned in the programme?

Londinius said...

OK - answers -
1) Pitt the Younger
2)Sir Douglas Haig
3) Sanskrit
4) Don't know
5)Don't know
6) Don't know - guess its something electrical
7) Full fathom five
8) Fennec Fox
9)Lots of possible answers - 10 inch - old - bakelite
10) Don't know
11) Don't know

So for me its over to the LAM readership to help us out on this one - I feel a new post coming on. . .

Andrew B. said...

10 is Utah, 5 could be Tom Lehrer. I did know some of the others, but it was several years ago and they could have been ones you've given!

LisaH said...

Please may we have the questions?

Londinius said...

Hi Lisa

Sure - busy at the moment, I'll put them up as a new post when I get a chance