Monday, 23 November 2009

Radio Listen - Brain of Britain Heat 7

Todays contestants were all from the south of England. Marie Coyle, Roger Johnson, LAM reader Will Jones and Michael Levy. So could Will Jones escape the curse of the Clark tip ?

Well, the brightest start was made by Roger Johnson, who scored 4, to Marie’s 3 and Will’s 2. In round two, interestingly Marie had a question about Pope John VIII, also known as Pope Joan. It was one of a series of 5, and gave her a good springboard into the lead. At the end of the round she had 9 to Roger’s 5, Will’s 2 and Michael Levy’s 1. A low scoring 3rd round saw each of the contestants foxed by horrible early questions. So Roger pulled a point back on Marie, as did Will. Sadly Will zigged with rattel when he should have zagged with kinkajou for honey bear in the fourth round. At the halfway stage Marie led with 10, by a single point from Roger, with Will and Michael both on 3.

The ungettable listener’s question from Ian Clark - no relation – gave three numbers – all of them apparently belonged to the mini coopers in The Italian Job.

In round 5 Russell Davies made a great joke about the Shat-al-Arab, which I cannot repeat here ! Roger Johnson scored his own five in a row, and took the lead, and frankly seemed pretty good value for it, even though Marie Coyle scored a bonus back to keep her only one point behind. In round 6 we were given the interesting news that the J. in J. Arthur Rank stands for Joseph. No pyrotechnics in the 6th round as only Will and Michael added a point to their scores. Similar low scoring followed in the last round, but crucially Marie Coyle added one point to her score, to tie with Roger Johnson. So we had a tie break –
In which British city is there a monument to the Pilgrim Fathers ?
Roger Johnson buzzed in first with Plymouth, to take his score to 16, and win the day.

Will, I can only apologise for cursing you with the Clark support, which as we know seems to be the living embodiment of the Kiss of Death.

The Details

Marie Coyle - 15
Roger Johnson – 16
Will Jones – 5
Michael Levy – 6

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