Monday, 27 July 2009

Quiz Appeal - Please Give Generously

I'm going away for a little while - to Spain as it happens. So don't get too worried if I go for more than a few days without posting anything new. Tonight is probably the last quiz I'm going to participate in before we're actually going. Don't worry - I'll still be reviewing tonight's Only Connect and University Challenge tomorrow, through the magic of the iplayer. What I wanted to ask - and this is a hell of a long shot, I know, is whether by any chance there's any of you out there who know the Alicante area, and know of any quizzes going on ?!!

First time we went I found a great little quiz in a very english area. The quiz itself was in a pub in either Catral or Crevillente - sorry, I can't remember which. However when I went back last year that seemed to have gone the way of all flesh. So if you know anything, or have any recommendations, please have mercy on me, and drop me a line. You're a lifesaver.

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