Friday, 6 March 2009

Answers to Weekend Mini Quiz 5

Weekend Mini Quiz Five Answers

Round One - Comics and Cartoons

1) What is widely reckoned to be the first ever comic cartoon strip in the UK ?
Answer - Ally Sloper's Half Holiday

2) Which cartoon strip featured on the very first page of the very first ever Dandy ?
Answer - Big Eggo - he was an ostrich

3) After the "Captain Marvel" comic strip was sued out of existence in the USA, he lived on in the UK in Britain in the 50s as 'Marvelman'. Instead of Shazam - what was Marvelman's word of power - and how was it derived ?
Answer - Kimota - it sounds like Atomic backwards

4) When The Perishers cartoon strip from the Daily Mirror was transferred to television, which very famous comic actor provided the voices ?
Answer - The late Leonard Rossiter

5) Who created the Flash Gordon cartoon strip, which led to the film serials, starring Buster Crabbe ?
Answer - Alex Raymond

Round Two - General Knowledge

1) If you went into a building in Wales which had the word "Dynion" upon it, what would you be entering ?
Answer - a gents lavatory - it means gentlemen

2) What does the 'C' in JCB stand for ?
Answer - Cyril , as in Joseph Cyril Bamford

3) Which is the only property on the Monopoly board which contains all the letters of the word Monopoly ?
Answer - The Electric Company

4) Which was the new women's track event in Athletics that featured for the first time in the Beijing Olympics of 2008 ?
Answer - 3000 metres Steeplechase

5) Leonard Nimoy's second autobiography was titled "I am Spock" - what was his first one called ?
Answer - I am NOT Spock - honestly !

This week's quiz will be posted tomorrow or Sunday

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